Getting Started

“Project 1.27 has been both foundational to the formation of Arizona 1.27 and dispenses invaluable ongoing support and encouragement to Arizona 1.27. Project 1.27 has saved us countless hours in sharing their materials, best practices and lessons learned. We are deeply indebted to their gracious approach to the ministry of foster care and adoption and look forward to many years of continued partnership.”
~Danielle Bannister, Arizona 1.27 Director

Project 1.27 desires to Inspire, Recruit, & Resource churches and organizations outside the state of Colorado to engage the faith community in serving kids in foster care and help Christian parents foster and adopt.

The process of becoming a certified foster parent or adoptive parent can be overwhelming and confusing and once children come into the home, the process becomes even more intense and complicated.   Due to the complexity and intensity of the foster and adoptive parent journey, very few people that begin the process of adoption through foster care actually end up adopting children (only 3.5%). Our goal is to increase the success rate of interested parents by providing support, expert advice, administrative assistance and outstanding training.

We hope the story of Project 1.27 and the positive effect this ministry has on Colorado will inspire and challenge you to consider how you might mobilize local churches for the cause of children in foster care.

We have developed training specifically designed for a Christian audience and have systems and formats that will help make this journey easier for parents.  These resources can be available to you if you’re looking to make a difference in your community or state.

Questions to get you started:

What is (are) your…

  • Vision and Mission?
  • Impact Level:  Do you want to impact your State, Region, Community, County or Church?
  • Church Involvement: Is your Senior Pastor on board? Are there passionate Lay Leaders within your church? Will there be any financial support?
  • Ministry Scope: Are you seeking to Recruit, Train & Support? Just Recruit? Just Support? Create Awareness? Do you want to support Foster Care, Adoption, or both?
  • Governmental Environment: Is the state or local government open to working with people from the faith community? Are there any connections or relationships with local officials?
  • Other Church Interests: Do you know any other churches in your area that are interested in this ministry too?
  • Potential Partners: Businesses, Key Donors, Social Workers, Counselors, Mental Health professionals?

If you would like to start a dialogue, please contact Project 1.27 at