Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!


God has poured out abundant blessings in 2014. We give thanks for His provision and guidance through which hundreds of kids from foster care have the opportunity this year to celebrate Thanksgiving in the security and love of a family. As we reflect on the many gifts God has provided, would you join us in this Prayer of Thanksgiving? 


We thank you for providing the gift of family to cherish and keep, offering love and security throughout our lives. We are grateful that you formed and faithfully sustain Project 1.27 through 10 years of ministry offering families and homes to kids in foster care. Thank you for calling each family who has invested time and prayer into training and preparation so that through faith in you, they can successfully offer family to children from foster care. Thank you for setting the lonely into families and bringing hope and healing to so many children.

Give thanks for the work God accomplished 2004-2014 through Project 1.27

  • 270 Project 1.27 Families
  • 604 Children Placed in Families           
  • 276 Adoptions
  • Resourcing in Over 30 States

We thank you for Project 1.27 supporters. Thank you for their willing response to your call to serve, give and advocate on behalf of kids from hard places, and for all their efforts to provide kids with safe and loving families. Father, bless each of them for their generosity, strengthen and protect their families, fill them anew with your love.

Give thanks for Project 1.27 Supporters

  • 326 Donors
  • 100 Volunteers
  • 47 Partnering Businesses

We thank you for the wonderful things you have done through Project 1.27’s partnering churches. Seeking to obey your word, the community of churches in Colorado has been instrumental over the last 10 years, in decreasing the number of Colorado children waiting for families from 875 to 265. Thank you for raising up churches that inspire, call and support families to foster and adopt in faith. With this community that you continue to assemble, the goal of having a family waiting for every child is within reach.

Give thanks for the 268 churches represented by Project 1.27 families

We thank you, Father, for your ongoing guidance as we plan for 2015. Thank you for your wisdom to reach further into providing ministries and organization across the country with resources and direction on how to best serve kids within their states.

Give thanks for a growing network of ministries and leaders across the country

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

- Psalm 107:1

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