Respite Care Providers – The Hidden Need of Foster Care


If you’re a parent you know just how hard it is to manage daily schedules, meals and more. Most parents have access to a supportive community of people who are willing and able to take their kids for a night or even the occasional weekend. This support gives parents a break and a chance to reset.

However, there’s a major issue in the world of foster care that’s rarely discussed. Foster parents need respite care. Foster parents deal with all the standard struggles of parents but with the added layer of trauma. Additionally, to provide overnight care, family members and friends who are willing to babysit also need to be background checked and CPR/First-Aid certified. Requirements may vary based on county and agency. So why is this so important?

Here are 3 ways respite care helps foster parents:

Respite Care The Hidden Need of Foster Care



Like any parent, foster parents need time to rest and refill so they can continue to be amazing parents. By giving them a night or two off you are contributing to the success of the work they are doing. It can be much harder to be patient and caring when you are running on empty. We need more individuals and families who are willing to step up to fill this gap so parents can rest.

This aspect works in a couple of different ways. Couples who are foster parents need time away from kids to invest in their relationship. Marriage takes work and every now and again that’s best done away from the kids.

Secondly, positive adults relationships can help kids in care heal. Many kids from hard places have a hard time trusting adults, so giving them the chance to form positive relationships with healthy adults can help them heal. Additionally, foster parents can build trust with their kids by telling them they will be back and actually coming back.

Being a foster family often feels very isolating and support is crucial to helping kids and families heal. When a family knows they have someone qualified to call when they need help is a major relief. It’s one thing to know you have people who care about you, but it’s completely different when people have done the work necessary so they can help care for your kids.

We get that it feels weird to need training to babysit grandkids, nieces and nephews and friends, but taking that step will mean so much to the family you are supporting.

If you have a foster family in your life, ask them what is required by their agency or county to be a respite care provider. Your support for date night or weekends away can make all the difference.

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