You Don’t Have to be a Hero to be a Foster Parent


It seems to be a common rhetoric that foster parents need to wear capes and have hearts made of steel. Many foster parents often have to dig up a response to the comment “I could never do what you do, I would get too attached.” It’s as if others see foster parents as superheroes, but that simply isn’t true. Being a foster parent is amazing, fills a huge need and is not an easy feat, but foster parents wear jeans just like you.

Here is proof that foster parents don’t have to be made of steel:

P127 Foster parents aren't heroes

Heartbreak Happens
As we’ve discussed before, the initial goal for almost every case is to have the kids return home. This means as a foster parent, you bring kids into your home for an undetermined period of time. Sometimes parental rights can be revoked meaning they a child will become free for adoption. This may give you the opportunity to adopt the kids in your home if you are interested, but this is not the norm.

Being invested in foster care means heartbreak. Even if the kids don’t leave your home you’ll likely experience heartbreak as you learn more of his story. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and people who choose to be foster parents aren’t immune to this, it’s just a reality and something you prepare yourself for. It’s why Project 1.27 requires support teams and believe in biblically based training. Turning to God during the hard times of foster care can help to remove some of the burden.

Uncertainty is Real
During the process of becoming a foster parent, there will be a lot of questions. It’s not a simple process which is why partnering with someone like Project 1.27 is so helpful! However, once you have a placement the questions don’t go away.

Foster parents aren’t experts, they’re generally people with big hearts who want to help. While Project 1.27 offers training to build understanding and develop parenting skills to help kids who’ve experienced trauma, foster parents must work hard to help children heal. They work hard to build healthy responses when they hear the stories of their kids. Many foster parents will tell you they second guess some of their decisions, as do most parents!Foster parents receive ongoing training to develop trauma-informed parenting skills, Combined with a commitment to love and care unconditionally and a willingness to continue learning, that training goes a long way in helping kids heal.

It’s a Calling
At the end of the day foster parents aren’t superheroes, they’re everyday people who are answering a big calling. This life isn’t for everyone, but everyone can help support foster families in some way. If you feel called to be a foster parent, attend an upcoming info night. If you want to help, here are some ideas for you to get involved.

“God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” Don’t ever let your imperfections or hesitations keep you from moving forward and leaning into your calling. If you follow Him, He’ll equip you.

We are always accepting loving and caring parents to our foster and adoptive training. The first step is to attend an info night. We’ll see you there!

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