Rhonda Miescke | Family Care Manager

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Rhonda has over 35 years of experience in child protection, foster care, and adoptions. Prior to joining Project 1.27, she supervised a large Colorado metro county’s adoption program for 15 years. She supervised the foster care placement, matching, adoption placement, and Court process for over 400 adoptions for children while serving as the Adoption Supervisor. Prior to supervising adoptions she supervised the Foster Care Program. Rhonda is passionate about foster care and adoption as she has seen the power of relationship in the healing process for families and for children. Although she has presented at national conferences, she prefers working with new families just entering the foster care journey. She loves interacting with new families joining the Project 1.27 as she teaches the Foster and Adoption Core training and the Support Team Training. On a personal note, Rhonda’s youngest brother was adopted and she continues a meaningful relationship with him now as an adult.

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Phone: 720.767.0043