General FAQs

What does Project 1.27 do?

Project 1.27 serves as a bridge between the Christian community and foster care system. In Colorado, we inspire, recruit and resource churches and families to foster and adopt and encourage and support the development of similar ministries across the U.S.

Why are you called Project 1.27?

Project 1.27 comes from the Biblical passage in James 1:27 which states, “Religion that God our Father considers pure and faultless is this, to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (NIV)

What resources are available through Project 1.27?

Project 1.27 offers:

Is Project 1.27 just another adoption agency?

Project 1.27 is not an agency at all, but rather it is a ministry. Project 1.27 does not place children or youth, nor do we offer any formal counseling. Project 1.27 instead walks along side parents during their foster/adoptive journey and serves as a bridge between the church community and the county departments.

Why are the services provided by Project 1.27 so inexpensive?

Services provided by Project 1.27 are inexpensive because we never want money to be a barrier for parents wanting to foster or adopt.  Parents working with Project 1.27 are charged a nominal administrative fee of $100. The majority of costs are covered through the support of donors.

While most of our donors are individuals and churches that see value in our “Kingdom” focused objective of ‘caring for orphans’, Project 1.27 also relies on grant monies, business sponsorships and church partnerships.

Who are the kids in the Colorado foster system?

Children in foster care range in age from 0-18 yrs old and both culturally and ethnically represent the population of Colorado. The average age of a child available for adoption from foster care is 10 yrs old.  It’s important to keep in mind that these are just kids with a myriad of skills, talents and interests.

I love what you guys are doing, how can I financially support Project 1.27?

The operating expense incurred by Project 1.27 to prepare one family to foster and adopt is $5,000.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Become a monthly donor
  2. Sponsor the adoption of one or more child at $5000 each
  3. Make a one-time donation of any amount

If you wish to support us financially, please make checks payable to Project 1.27 and send to:
Project 1.27,
2220 S. Chambers Rd.,
Aurora, CO 80014.

Or call (303) 256-1225.

You can also Donate Online!

All donations made to Project 1.27 are tax deductible.

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