Parent Training

Training attendance is limited to parents who have enrolled with Project 1.27 by attending Orientation and submitting commitment forms and the $100 administrative fee.

For Project 1.27 couples, both parents must attend each of the training sessions in their entirety.


Foster Adopt Core Training (FACT)-12 hours

Foster Adopt Core Training (FACT) meets the core competencies outlined by the Colorado Department of Human Services. Project 1.27’s FACT session is taught from a biblical perspective by experienced instructors and explores topics such as "Why You Need an Agency,"  "The Dependency & Neglect Court Process," "Key Concepts of Growth & Development," and "Parenting through Grief & Loss."

FACT is for enrolled Project 1.27 families. To register, email your case manager.


Project 1.27 Core Training (PCore)-12 hours

PCore is a unique Biblically-based training that complements the competencies outlined by the Colorado Department of Human Services. This training session is taught from a Christian perspective by pastors, professionals and Project 1.27 parent alumni.

PCore is for enrolled Project 1.27 families. To register, email your case manager.


Support Team Training – 4 hours

All Project 1.27 families are required to bring at least four Support Team Members to Support Team Training before approaching their county/agency for certification. The support you receive from your Support Team can make the difference between a thriving family and devastating isolation.  Visit Family-Support Team for additional information.

Develop your Support Team now! Invite your Support Team Members to attend training, or forward a Monthly Support Team Newsletter to a friend.


CPR & First Aid

All foster and adoptive parents are required to be certified in CPR and First Aid including skills for children, infants and adults. Parents should also inform the trainer that they are becoming certified for foster care.

Click Here for a list of trainers in the metro area.


Support Group Visit

Having adequate support is essential when fostering or adopting. All Project 1.27 families are required to attend a support group session to understand the support and benefits of investing in a support group. When you attend, please fill out and bring this certificate.


Moving Forward

If you are an enrolled Project 1.27 family, email your case manager for scheduled training dates and register to attend an upcoming training.

If you wish to be a Project 1.27 family, attend our next Orientation!