The Process

Step 1 | Attend a parent orientation.

All parents are required to attend Parent Orientation, submit signed commitment forms and pay the $100 administrative fee before attending Project 1.27 training. (Orientation counts as your first 2 hours of required training.)

Step 2 | Attend Trainings

FACT Training (Foster/Adoptive Core Training) – 12 hours
Project 1.27 Core Training (PCore) – 12 Hours
CPR/First Aid Certification– 8 Hours
Support Team Training – 4 Hours
Support Group Visit – 1 Hour

Please visit Parent Training for more information.

Step 3 | Complete Paperwork Requirements

Once you commit to becoming a Project 1.27 family, you will receive an application packet containing all of the required forms for foster or adoptive parents from the Colorado State Department of Human Services.   After completing these forms, they are submitted to your Project 1.27 case manager for review.

Step 4 | Select & Submit Completed Packet to County or Private Agency

Your Project 1.27 case manager will review and format your application materials so you can submit the completed packet to the agency you’ve selected.

Step 5 | Background Checks, Home Study and Home Inspection

Your selected agency will complete background checks, a home study (face to face interviews) and a home inspection.  If your family is approved, the agency will certify you to care for children in your home.

Step 6 | Certification by Agency

As a certified parent, you are now able to receive foster or adoptive children in your home.