Welcome to Our Family

Project 1.27 Welcome to the Family

3-welcomeThe day has come. For days, weeks, months, sometimes years, you’ve prayed, prepared and anticipated the arrival of a child or even siblings. You’re riding a roller coaster of emotions ranging from excitement to fear, from hope to doubt. Meanwhile, this child has been on a journey of their own, filled with experiences like neglect, abuse, abandonment and a whirlwind of change and loss. The child being placed in your care is also experiencing doubt and hope, fear and excitement and an enormous measure of grief and uncertainty. One particular day will mark the intersection of your stories and the beginning of lives woven together.

As a child enters your home, you may be asking questions about what the transition will hold. While you will not have all the answers, take heart! God has called, equipped and chosen you to love and care for this child. Additionally, a county or agency has deemed your home as a “goodness of fit,” seeing your family as able to best care for the child they’ve placed in your care.

The transition involves the many initial changes and adjustments required in building any relationship, along with living in a different home and interacting within the structure of a new family. The transition includes continuous learning and opportunities for growth. Both you and your child will find yourselves adjusting to new routines, personalities, cultures and behaviors. Lean into the changes and challenges. Embrace the journey! This section will serve as a resource to guide you through the adjustments of living with a newly placed child.

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14 (NIV)
Father, help me to see this child through your eyes, guide this child with your wisdom and love this child with your unending, sacrificial love. Amen.