Make Your Sock Stand

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Kids Without Families
That's Just Not Right!

Yet it happens to 100,000 kids in foster care each year.

Kids, teens and families CAN make a difference by learning more, telling others and raising funds to support recruiting and training more families for kids in foster care.

Take a stand! Participate in Project 1.27's Campaign, Make Your Sock Stand!

Together, we can make a stand until there's
A Family Waiting for Every Child!

How Do I Make My Sock Stand?

  1. Pick a sock to fill and set a goal. Maybe $1/day for the month?
  2. Take time with your family to work through one or more Topics. Maybe one activity each day for 30 days?
  3. Request your free Make Your Sock Stand Stickers
  4. Upload your sock to our Sock Gallery
  5. Download flyers for your sock to print and handout to family and friends
  6. Donate your filled sock to Project 1.27

Tips for Parents

  • Chose a child-size or small adult knee or calf-high sock.
  • Fill one sock per child or join together as a family to fill a sock.
  • Be sensitive to your child’s past experiences when sharing information about and discussing foster care and adoption. We’ve tried to be as sensitive as possible while building awareness and understanding but you know your kids. Throughout the campaign, we’ll also provide an opportunity for kids and families to tell their story in a variety of ways. Again, you know your child best so use these opportunities as you see fit.
  • If you’ll be inviting others to give, please talk with your child about safety, timing and who is appropriate to ask. Remind younger kids it is never safe to approach a stranger or enter someone else’s home without parent’s permission.
  • Each section and activity is designed to stand alone. Pick and chose the one’s you’d like to do.
  • By submitting contest materials, you are giving permission for Project 1.27 to use that material in other ways.
  • When submitting photos, please protect the identity of foster children.