Meet Rhonda: Celebrating 10 Years at Project 1.27


This month Project 1.27 celebrates Rhonda Miescke’s 10th Anniversary working at Project 1.27. As part of the celebration, Project 1.27 thought it would be fun to learn more about Rhonda and her take on Project 1.27.


  • Enjoys taking her nieces on mountain road trips to play in streams and climb and throw rocks.
  • Cheers for our local teams – Go Rockies! Go Broncos!
  • Always has a book going.
  • Named her dogs Hope and Grace – a reminder of what she wants to release in the world.
  • Loves to worship God – at home, at church and in her car.
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Tell us about your first experience with Project 1.27.

Fall, 2005, when I was the Adoption Supervisor for Arapahoe County, I was invited to lunch to discuss how Arapahoe County could partner with the newly formed Project 1.27. Two years later, I came on staff as the Training Team Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. Later, I served as Family Care Manager and trainer.

How has Project 1.27 changed in the last 10 years?

Project 1.27’s vision has always been permanency for children. The original focus was finding a family for kids waiting to be adopted. The biggest change I’ve seen at Project 1.27 is the additional focus on supporting family reunification. Great foster parents can bring hope and healing to a child and his parents. If permanency through family reunification isn’t possible, Project 1.27 families still offer permanency through adoption.

How has Project 1.27 impacted foster care and adoption in Colorado?

By inspiring and resourcing the church to step into foster care and adoption. As the church steps in, we bring the hope of Christ into many of the big issues facing Colorado families: poverty, race, education, sex trafficking, homelessness, addiction, abuse, mental health, generational dysfunction. In the midst of these big issues, the church has an opportunity to offer the hope and healing of Christ to families who have their children in foster care.

What piece of advice would you offer friends, families and churches when it comes to Project 1.27?

Get involved! Project 1.27 offers the best training and support in the state, preparing families from a biblical and practical perspective on the joys and challenges they are about to encounter in the foster care system. We provide a level of ongoing support that isn’t typically available to foster and adoptive families.

What do you love most about serving at Project 1.27?  

I love building relationships with Project 1.27 families and equipping them for the work God’s given them. My favorite moment was walking into a Support Team Training room filled with over 100 people stepping up to support foster and adoptive families. God was present. God was moving.

How have you grown and changed through your ministry at Project 1.27?

I’ve learned about connected parenting! This isn’t just something I teach Project 1.27 families. I put it into practice daily as I interact with my nieces and in other relationships. From working with Project 1.27 families and connecting with my own nieces, I’ve learned sometimes saying, “I’m here for you” is just what a kid needs.  If you joined Project 1.27 in our early years, come join us on a Saturday morning of PCORE to learn about connected parenting or attend one of our advanced training classes.

How can we pray for you and Project 1.27?

Pray that we stay aligned to God’s mission!


If you’d like to congratulate Rhonda on her 10 years of ministry at Project 1.27, send an email to Put “Celebrating Rhonda” in the subject line. We will compile your emails, stories and photos for Rhonda.

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