Planning for Summer Camps Starts Now!


As winter begins to melt away and spring breaks through, families start organizing summer activities. When creating summer plans, one thing families consider are the unique and beneficial experiences available through youth and family camps. There are many options specifically for children who have been adopted or are in foster care, as well as a wide variety of camps unique to various ethnicities and cultures. Since foster and adoptive parents are often busy and operating a day at a time, as a Support Team Member, your involvement in researching camps and possibly offering financial help could provide the opportunity to attend!

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Many foster children have their first camp experience at Royal Family Kids Camp. These Christian camps are staffed by volunteers with the goal of affirming and celebrating youth as individuals. Not only is each staff member assigned only two campers, each one has also completed an intensive screening and training process. There was even a movie made about these camps.

Camp to Belong is offered in several states and is a unique five-night camp for siblings who reside in different foster placements. When siblings are placed in separate homes it is often hard to maintain that sense of belonging to each other. Camp to Belong gives foster children an opportunity to maintain these sibling relationships among foster children. Children 8-18 years old can attend camp together for a time of empowerment, fun and sibling connection.

Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families can also be fundamental to creating community, celebrating adoption and forging connections. Heritage Camps are for the entire adoptive family and include kids 3-18 years. Camps are available which celebrate various ethnicities and domestic adoptions.

Both sleep-away and local day camps are available which celebrate and develop a child’s unique hobbies and interests such as art, the outdoors, chess or sports. Your local parks and recreation department’s website often offers many possibilities. Check with your family to understand what policies may need to be considered for children still in foster care.

Camp is a great way for youth to discover new skills, build relationships and have fun with others, as well as provide much needed respite for foster and adoptive parents.

Click here to learn about other camps in your state!

How Can I Support A Family Through Camp?


  • Research camps and identify which may be the best “fit” for an individual or family
  • Organize a fundraiser to cover camp fees for the kids and family you’re supporting
  • Provide financial support to send a child, youth or family to camp
  • Put together a shopping/packing list
  • Send a letter or postcard to the camper
  • Provide transportation to or from camp


* Project 1.27 does not endorse any camps or programs and encourages families to research and determine the correct camp for your family


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  1. Ashley Baker says:

    We are one of these camps! I would love to know how we can get on this list because we could use the financial support! We are based out of Felton, CA (in the Santa Cruz Mountains) and this year will be the 49th summer we have done the camp! Thanks for the info!