Now Hiring: Office Administrator


Position: Office Administrator
Reports to: President
Status: Hourly
Hours: 40

PURPOSE: Provide administrative support; manage processes and office organization to achieve an efficient, friendly ministry environment which enables mission fulfillment.

SCOPE: Responsible for multi-channel communication, executive support, training and event logistics and support, managing volunteers, financial processes, human resources and office organization.

• Receptionist: Provides initial welcome and timely response (24-48 hours) to all organizational inquiries (including phone, e-
mail, in-person and online). Organizes hospitality for guests.
• Database: Maintains database, including entry, queries and corrections to ensure accurate lists for individual and mass communication.
• Mailings: Carries out e-mails and general mailings including, receipting, donor event mailing and invitations annual reporting and other needed communication.
• Product: Manages marketing products, maximizing awareness of Project 1.27 mission.

Executive Support
• Communication: Assists president with scheduling, correspondence, e-mail management and phone calls. Screens speaking requests and other inquiries.
• Support: Assists president with articles, presentations, board meetings, fund-raising, team building, and other meetings. Arranges travel logistics and itineraries to maximize budget and efficiency.

Training and Events
• Resources: Purchases, prepares and organizes needed resources including notebooks, packets and certificates to ensure a professional training experience.
• Technology: Ensures appropriate audio-visual and computer equipment are available and in good working order.
• Hospitality: Organizes needed food, beverages and hospitality supplies.
• Fundraising: Works with event leader to organize and implement needed site, attendee & silent auction logistics.
• Special events: Organize hospitality, logistics, volunteers and communication for special events.
• On-site: Attend training, awareness and other special events as required.

• Receiving: Maintains protocols and executes receiving and recording mailed, electronic and event donations and receivables.
• Receipting: Maintains protocols and executes receipting for all donations and receivables.
• Reporting: Create and manage monthly and annual budgets and reports with president and CCC finance staff.
• Grants: Supports the research, creation, delivery and tracking of grants
• Staff: Tracks hours, time off for payroll; maintains and oversees staff policies.
• Benefits: Organizes and manages staff benefits.
• Staffing: Supports employee transitions including hiring, separation, performance reviews and status changes.

Office Management
• Appearance: Maintains the office, providing a safe, professional, well-organized facility.
• Technology: Maintains office technology including computer hardware, software, programs and apps. Strong trouble-
shooting skills and experience with learning new technologies.
• Resources: Orders, organizes and disseminates office supplies, equipment and office forms.
• Finances: Manages reimbursements, purchase orders, check requests; reconciles Project 1.27 credit card statement; interacts with CCC finance staff to ensure financial integrity and accuracy.
• Calendar: Maintains and coordinates Project 1.27 calendar and scheduling.
• Memberships: Manages organizational memberships including ECFA, CAFO and CLA.
• Legal: Coordinates and manages needed organizational documents, policies and procedures such as board minutes, Workmen’s Compensation, Unemployment, Liability and permits.

Volunteer Coordinator
• Develop and coordinate volunteer program including prayer team, training support, office support and advisory teams.
• Coordinate volunteers for fund-raising and special events like picnic and family Christmas party.

•  A consistent witness for Christ.
•  Maintains a Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside of Project 1.27.
•  In full agreement with Project 1.27 mission, vision and values.
•  Required to sign a statement of faith, staff covenant and staff/volunteer policy letter.
•  Willing to uphold the mission, staff and stakeholders in prayer.
•  Adaptable and discrete.
•  Enjoys coordinating and supporting multiple projects and people.

•  Demonstrated people and organizational skills.
•  Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
•  Strong technology skills including high-level computer skills with MS Office program (Word, Outlook, Publisher, Excel, etc.) and web-based applications (Google Chrome, Drive, Remote Desktop, etc.).
•  Basic experience in human resources.
•  Database management experience preferred.
•  Team Player with the ability to anticipate needs, take initiative, set and achieve goals.

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  1. Marjorie Wilson says:

    My name is Marjorie Wilson, I am currently looking for part-time employment. My desired schedule would be Monday, Thursday, Friday, 4 to 5 hours each day. My desired salary is $16 per hour to start followed by raise and review at 90 days then followed by raise and review annually. If you have flexibility in your hiring requirements I would greatly appreciate your consideration.
    Thank you for your time,
    Marjorie Wilson