When Church is a Challenge


When life is a struggle, Believers want and NEED church. We desire fellowship with others, corporate worship, and being led through Scripture for a nugget of God’s peace that passes all understanding. Unfortunately for many foster and adoptive parents, the idea of going to church may also bring up feelings of anxiety.

  • Should I try to have my child attend Sunday School or will the separation be too much for them?
  • Will people think that my kids are “out of control” because they struggle to self-regulate?
  • Is it worth trying to actually get my kids to church?
  • Will I be called out of service repeatedly if my child experiences a meltdown?
  • Should I take my child even though he might be so overstimulated that it will take the whole rest of the day to help him regulate?
  • Read more about foster/adoptive families’ experiences, here's a great place to start.


At Project 1.27, part of our mission is to help equip churches to support foster and adoptive families. As you think about your church, or the church your foster/adoptive family attends, consider the church culture and how it responds to children from hard places and the parents who care for them. Does the church leadership prioritize foster and adoptive ministries? Do the children’s programs seek to accommodate a child from hard places through extra training and understanding? Are there opportunities to engage the church congregation to think more about serving kids in foster care or those who have been adopted?

How can I help my church become more foster and adoptive friendly?

  • Investigate your church culture through asking foster/adoptive families about their experience in church.
  • Explore additional resources or ministries your church could offer to support foster/adoptive families.
  • Schedule a time to talk with someone in leadership at your church about what you have learned and the need that exists at your church.
  • Contact Project 1.27’s new Family Care Team Manager, Marilyn Robinson (mrobinson@project127.com), if your church leadership is interested in developing more strategic ways to support foster and adoptive families.
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