Foster & Adoptive Families With New Placements Need

  1. Time and energy to establish relationships. Help free up time and energy with practical support.
  2. Blessings with meals. Organize a dinner brigade, a take-out gift card shower, grocery delivery, brown bag lunches or a weekly snack box
  3. Help around the house. Fold laundry, change bed linens, tidy bathrooms, mow the lawn, rake leaves, shovel snow or plant flowers.
  4. Car service. Drive other kids to and from school, to practice, tutoring or youth group. Run errands to fill prescriptions, return library books or pick up laundry detergent.
  5. Pet care. Take Fido for a daily walk, offer to refill Kitty’s box.
  6. Tender loving care. The first few weeks can be incredibly intense, a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. Offer TLC-
  7. To care for other children. Offer time away from home for ice cream, a trip to the park or a quiet place to do homework. Give children a safe place to share their feelings, fears and questions and an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and new ideas.
  8. To care for a newly placed child. Remember this child has experienced tremendous loss, grief and possibly severe neglect and abuse. Offer patience, mercy and an opportunity to grieve, learn new skills and build relationships.
  9. To care for mom and dad. Take the night or nap watch so parents can sleep. Offer child care for a date night or become an approved respite provider and offer a longer break. Drop off a favorite drink, give hugs or a shoulder massage, let them know you’re available. Offer to watch the children so the parents can attend a Support Group with other foster or adoptive parents.
  10. Encouragement. Send prayer texts, mail funny cards, phone with words of encouragement.
  11. Someone to Listen! Without offering advice or judgment.
  12. To Acknowledge feelings, fears and frustrations
  13. To Celebrate milestones, victories and growth
  14. Long-term presence. Transition into a new family takes longer than a few days. Healing from trauma can take months, even years.