Safe Families For Children

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) extends community support by hosting vulnerable children and strengthening their families in crisis through a network of volunteers motivated by compassion. The SFFC movement is based on the perspective that the safety and health of the children of our communities are the responsibility of each one of us and that parents are the key to providing long term safe environments for their children.

Safe Families for Children is a movement of Christians that returns the Church to the forefront of caring for the most vulnerable people group in society, at-risk children and their struggling parents. It expands the community safety net by providing parents in need a loving sanctuary where they can safely place their children in times of crisis. Host Families, prompted solely by compassion and biblical hospitality, are screened, trained and serve without compensation. Designed to positively impact and support at-risk families, SFFC allows parents to work through crisis with the support of a community around them and without the involvement of human services.