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Starting a Safe Families Ministry!

Let's go through the 5 steps necessary to provide safe homes for kids and prevent abuse & neglect! Click on each step for more information.

Step 1. Gauge Church Interest

See Below for easy ideas and everything you need to finish step 1!

Step 2. Schedule An Info Session

Schedule a 30-60 minute information session for church members to learn more. Ask Program Manager, Matt Fons to attend and present during this time.

Step 3. Establish A Ministry Lead

This volunteer is responsible for submitting bulletin announcements, collecting applications, and leading the ministry to success! In addition, they will work closely and be trained by the Program Manager, Matt Fons.

Step 4. Allow Your Ministry Lead to Begin Growing Your Ministry

From collecting applications & background checks, to scheduling trainings, allow your volunteer ministry lead to work closely with our staff to become equipped and develop the ministry in your church.

Step 5. Prevent Abuse & Neglect!

Once church volunteers are trained and approved, they're ready to start hosting and caring for families in our community!

Step 1 Opportunities

It’s important to gauge the interest & passions of your church community before starting a Safe Families Ministry. Consider one or more of these strategies for announcing a potential new ministry.

 Online SFFC | Project 1.27 Email your congregation or add an announcement in your next church newsletter.
Download sample content here!
Video SFFC | Project 1.27 Show a short minute video during weekend announcements.
Clarissa's Story 2:58
Intro to Safe Families 2:24
Best SFFC | Project 1.27 Reserve an info room for 30-minutes and allow a Safe Families Representative to present before/after service. Email for more information!

Sample Materials

All materials are available for customization. Contact Matt Fons at or call 303-630-9323 for help!

 Projector | Project 1.27