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Ways to Support Project 1.27

  1. Volunteer: Become a Volunteer. For more ideas on ways to individually promote quality foster care, click here.
  2. Give: Friends like you allow Project 1.27 to keep foster care and adoption affordable for families. Be part of Project 1.27’s vision of a family waiting for every child.
  3. As a Business: Partner with Project 1.27′s vision to have a family waiting for every child. Email us for more information.
  4. As a Church: Project 1.27 can help your church inspire, recruit and resource foster and adoptive families. Visit Churches for more information.

Project 1.27 partners with a variety of organizations in order to maximize collective efforts and address each of the specific needs of children in foster care. Our partnerships are broken up into Financial, Agency, Community, Ministry, and Government partners. To learn more, visit Partners.

Why Support Project 1.27?

Learn more about why your support matters and how you can be involved.

Be a Project 1.27 Partner:

Join this effort to serve kids in foster care. Contact Shelly Radic at 303.256.2874.