“Preparing families for kids in foster care is a great long-term financial investment, saving our society thousands of dollars and providing love and belonging for kids.”
~Leif Houkom, Board Chair

You can donate online or by check.
Please make checks payable to “Project 1.27″.
Project 1.27
2220 S Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80014

 All donations made to Project 1.27 are tax deductible as Project 1.27 operates as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

$100–$3,000–$29,000 and You!

Did you know that government spends $29,000 a year to maintain one child in foster care? Project 1.27 charges a small administrative fee of $100 for all of our services. We rely on contributions from donors to make a child’s dream of a family come true.  A donation of $3,000 covers the expenses to train and support one Project 1.27 foster/adoptive family.

Why Give?

Why Give? Project 1.27’s vision is a family waiting for every child. With almost 5,000 children in Colorado’s foster care system and about 450,000 nationwide, the need for families is critical. Project 1.27’s mission is to inspire, recruit and resource churches and families to foster and adopt the kids in their own backyard. Building on the success of our Colorado program, Project 1.27 inspires and resources ministries and churches nationwide to meet the needs of the children in foster care in their own state or region. This year’s national efforts include a new Project 1.27 Guide to Collaborative, Faith-based Foster Care, new web-based resources, collaborative efforts with several other orphan care ministries to raise awareness and participation in national conferences and events.