1.27 Monthly Support

It's not their Fault!

Every day
enter Colorado foster care.

Your financial support inspires and prepares families for kids in foster care.  Invest in the lives of kids in foster care by becoming a Monthly Project 1.27 Supporter.


Become a 1.27 Monthly Donor!

When you sign up as a 1.27 monthly supporter, donating at least $27/month, you'll receive a supporter package to help raise awareness of the needs of kids in foster care.

Your Project 1.27 Package Will Include:

  • Project 1.27 Grocery Tote
  • "I ♥ Kids in Families" Sticker
  • Project 1.27 Pen
  • "30 Ways to Refresh" Magnet
  • Project 1.27 Emory Boards
  • Then & Now Family Prayer Cards

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