Project 1.27 acts as a bridge between the church and child welfare services, giving kids in foster care access to more families!  For almost a decade, Project 1.27 has invested in developing relationships with key agencies, community partners, ministry partners and government partners throughout Colorado.

What Our Partners Have to Say:

“The whole Project 1.27 team is a wonderful group of individuals who I feel very blessed to work with…who have the passion, commitment and drive to serve waiting children everywhere.”

“I have been impressed and sometimes surprised at how prepared families come to us. They are prepared and informed and have the support system in place that we haven’t been able to work at developing in our program as of yet. The families are prepared to take on children that have otherwise been difficult to place, looking at older children and those with higher legal risk. Our agency has placed with all of our Project 1.27 families (except one) to date.”

“When at recruitment activities, I often refer to Project 1.27 if I feel that our program would not be a fit…especially when families are looking for the added support and a more faith-based approach.”