Bear Necessities

The Bear Necessities program collects and distributes items for children and teens living in foster or kinship families between the ages of birth through 18. Below are the items most often needed.
To make a donation call (970) 639-0009 or email us at


We always need the essentials:

  • Pajamas (all sizes)
  • Underwear and socks for teen boys
  • Underwear, bras and socks for teen girls
  • Snow boots & coats (all sizes)
  • Gift cards to Goodwill

Specific size/gender clothing will not be stored. As a need arises, an email will be sent to our network asking for donations for a child’s specific size.


  • Preemie through size 5 (Larger sizes needed!)
  • Baby wipes


  • Enfamil Formula (yellow can)
  • Baby food/bottles
  • Frozen Meals, family size (store bought or homemade)
  • Pre-packaged Snacks
  • Gift cards to Target, Walmart, City Market


  • Twin Mattress/Frame or Bunk Beds
  • Cribs
  • Sheets and Blankets

Fun Stuff

  • Gift cards in small increments for fast food restaurants
  • Movie theater tickets

Services (gift certificates or services)

  • Household Repairs
  • Automobile Repairs/Oil changes

Transportation & Supplies

  • Car seats*
  • Booster seats*
  • Provide rides for visitations
  • Gift cards for gas
  • Affordable car repair

Toys & Books

Suitcases, Duffle Bags & Backpacks

School Supplies

High Chairs & Pack-n-Plays*

Hygiene Products


*IMPORTANT: We are unable to accept expired car seat/booster seats (please check manufacturer’s label). We cannot accept cribs that have drop-sides, or were manufactured before July 23, 2010. High chairs and pack-n-plays should also have been manufactured after July 23, 2010.